Inspector Certification Eligibility

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Please ensure you understand the difference between the two types of inspection certifications ACCT offers. Read through the eligibility before applying.

ACCT Certified Inspectors must comply with the ACCT Code of Ethics during their certification as set forth below:

  • Be free of bias with regard to religion, ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, and disability.
  • Place the safety and well-being of users and workers associated with challenge course operations above all other considerations.
  • Protect nearby general public property and the environment.
  • Will not knowingly violate safety-related regulations, warnings, or instructions set forth by OSHA or other relevant Government Safety Standards
  • Will not misrepresent or knowingly deceive others concerning their experience or capabilities in conducting challenge course inspections
  • Will not misrepresent or misuse their certification.
  • Follow all other aspects of the ACCT Code of Ethics.