Queer Advocacy & Support Affinity Group


The Queer Advocacy & Support Affinity Group is for those who identify as queer, 2SLGBTQIA+, or use other language to describe their gender and/or sexuality. We offer our members a space to share, get advice, and find community. We also aim to positively impact the broader industry by advocating for the acceptance and inclusion of queer people, as well as serve as a resource to individuals and organizations wanting to better support queer staff and participants.


Ash Dunn


We are actively seeking new members for the affinity group. To get involved, join our private Facebook group.

We invite all who are involved in the challenge course industry - students, seasonal instructors, facilitators, camp directors overseeing challenge course programs, trainers, inspectors, builders, managers, and more. An active ACCT membership is not required for general membership.

If you are an ally looking for ways to support our efforts, or have any questions about the group, email Ash Dunn at dunnash37@gmail.com.


Commitment to Intersectionality

We recognize the interactions between race, ethnicity, religion, age, socioeconomic background, disability status, and other aspects of one's identity with their gender identity and sexual orientation; and how these other factors can impact discrimination and safety concerning being out in the community. We recognize that the start of the LGBT rights movement in the United States was championed by Black and Latina trans women. We recognize that even amongst the queer community, we have a lot of work to do in confronting racism and other types of bias. We are committed to building a community that is safe for ALL our members, and that supports ALL marginalized identities.