Inspector Certification FAQs

A Professional certification Is a voluntary process by which a non-governmental entity grants an individual a time-limited recognition and use of a credential after verifying that he or she has met predetermined and standardized criteria.
  • Validation that you have successfully tested your knowledge in the inspection process
  • It provides you with a way of demonstrating your qualifications.
  • An avenue for you to differentiate yourself from those who do not hold such credentials.
  • Provide vendors with a way to demonstrate their employee's qualifications.
  •  Professional Development
  • Connects you with a network of fellow certified inspectors
  • It shows you are keeping pace with advancements and changes in the ACCT Standards and industry.
  • Possessing a certification that is globally recognized in our industry.

The Inspector Certification Prep Course aims to prepare you for the Inspector Certification Exams. This course will not teach you how to be an inspector but is mandatory for new applicants because we want to do our due diligence to make sure you are exposed to the information relating to ACCT Standards you may not have received within your inspector training.

Exams are based on the knowledge and experience you are expected to have based on the eligibility requirements of the level of certification you are seeking. This course can help fortify your knowledge and refresh concepts and processes you already should know. This course will not guarantee you a passing score on the Inspector Certification Exams.

For this program, we do strongly encourage people to use the Inspector Portfolio. The structure of this portfolio helps expedite the content review process, which means your application gets approved quicker. If you use the Practitioner Portfolio, you should add a tab that is identical to the Inspection Tab in the Inspector Portfolio. This will help ACCT Staff review your portfolio in a more reasonable amount of time and allows you a place to keep everything together in one document.
This is a question we actually get a lot. As part of the Inspector Certification program, we are testing the individual inspector’s knowledge. There is not a different test for PVM Inspectors and Non-PVM Inspectors. The difference comes with the company the inspector works for. An inspector can work for a company that is an ACCT PVM, or they can work for one that is not. An ACCT PVM company has gone through the accreditation process for its inspection services. This process identifies vendors whose vended services have a history of meeting the ACCT Standards and whose business practices align with accepted business practices in the challenge course, aerial adventure/trekking parks, zip line, and canopy tour industry. It’s important to note that the ACCT does not imply that Non-PVMs are unable to provide the same level of service; they simply haven’t completed the ACCT accreditation process to be recognized as an ACCT Accredited Vendor. 
For a Virtual Testing Event, we utilize a few different platforms, Zoom, Kahoot, Blue Sky LMS, and SurveyMonkey. To participate in all portions of the event, you do not need to download any apps or special software. You do need to have a computer with a functioning web camera and speaker.