Inspector Certification Applications and Forms

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Forms needed for every application:

Each form represents a requirement of both your initial application and every subsequent renewal application. Applications are not considered complete unless all the appropriate and up-to-date documents listed below are included. 

  • ACCT Eye Exam Form- This form is to show that you meet the vision requirement of this program. We do require 20/30 vision with or without correction. We also have you test for colorblindness. Although this will not keep you from receiving a certification, we do require a letter with your inspection plan should there need to be any alterations or adaptations to your inspection process. The eye exam must be within 6 months of application submission.

  • Inspector Certification Supervisor Attestation- If you are an inspector that is supervised, you and your Supervisor will be required to fill out this form. It acts as a supervisor's reference to your abilities as an inspector. This form requires the applicant's, supervisor's, and witness's signature. This form no longer requires a notary.
  • Inspector Certification Self-Supervised/Owner Attestation- you are not supervised by another individual or the owner of the company; you are required to fill out this form. This is a reference to your abilities as an inspector and shall be supported by your portfolio. This form requires the applicant's and a witness's signature. This form no longer requires a notary.
  • Inspector Certification Portfolio- Your inspector portfolio shall be in THIS format, or if you are using a Practitioner Portfolio, you shall include an Inspection tab that has a column for the Inspection date, Inspection location, whether it was In-House or Vended, description of inspection, name of the supervisor. We review your training and CEUs as well, so please make sure your portfolio is up-to-date when you submit it.

Insurance-A Certificate of Insurance is no longer a required document for Inspector Certification eligibility. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE INSURANCE.

The ACCT Board of Directors recently approved replacing the requirement for inspectors to submit a Certificate of Insurance (COI) with an enhanced attestation. The attestation is appended to both of the Supervisor Attestation and must be signed by an authorized representative of the applicant company.

Changes to the application process do not change the minimum requirement for inspectors to maintain continuous,  reasonable, and customary insurance coverage, considering the applicant company’s potential exposure and the geographic areas in which it operates. Further, inspectors must still notify ACCT of any changes in employment status or lapses in insurance coverage during their certification period.      

ACCT may request proof of a Certificate of Insurance at any time during the life of the certified  

An Inspector's certificate is only valid when accompanied by proof of insurance. A certification is considered void should the inspector have a lapse in insurance or be found without insurance.

Applications and Registrations

Initial ApplicationThis application is what you fill out if you are applying for the first time to the program.

2-Year Renewal ApplicationIf it has been two years since you tested, you will need to do a document renewal. You will need to submit all the forms from above. This renewal is to check that you are staying current with the inspection and the CEU requirements for your certification. You do not need to test for this renewal.

4-Year Renewal Application- Every four years, you are required to test to renew your certification. You will need to submit all the forms above, including the inspection and CEU requirements for your certification. These testing events happen periodically throughout the year in a virtual on-site option.

Inspector Certification Prep Course- Please use this registration for all Prep Course offerings, including the Prep Course offered at the ACCT Conference.

Other Forms: