Academy Development Working Group


collect information and develop educational materials in order to support professional development opportunities for ACCT members and the industry. This Work Group will use information gathered by various methods to educate and enhance the knowledge and understanding of standards, trends, practices and more, within the industry.

We will be working with ACCT Staff and development groups to assist with Learning Management System (LMS), the content on it, and selection of materials to be saved or procured for member and industry development in short term and evergreen initiatives.

Current Tasks
  • Collaboration with Conference WG establishing a content creator agreement for posted content on ACCT Academy and future LMS systems.
  • Identifying workshops at the ACCT 2024 conference to be recorded in some manner for future posting and member access.
  • Establishing new processes for WG under our new designation

Working Group is repurposing of the Member Education Panel. We have many of the same initiatives in our new "position" with expanded capabilities to support our industry and the ACCT members.

Volunteer Opportunity

Currently seeking:

  • 2 members

Interest in developing educational and information materials for challenge course industry.

  • Past experience in one or more of the following: marketing, digital media creation, online learning (synchronous and asynchronous), learning management system administration, etc.
  • Ability and commitment to attend monthly meetings and work on projects as assigned
  • Group meets monthly

Apply Here

Academy Development Work Group

  • Kristina Riggs

    Kristina Riggs

    Instructor/Director of Experiential Based Learning


  • Alexis Webb-Bechtold


  • Cody Greene

    Outdoor Ventures / Ropes Park Equipment


  • Dan Harbuck

    Dan Harbuck

    Challenge Course Director, Pali Institute


  • Morgun Knabbe

    Course Manager, The Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium