Continual Education Units (CEUs)

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As a part of the certification, an inspector is required to participate in continuing education. CEUs are units that are awarded for training or participation in industry-related topics. 

  • In-House Inspectors need 24 CEUs every two years
  • Professional Inspectors need 32 CEUs every two years.

Conference CEUs

Applicable ACCT workshops are your first source of CEUs. Only the workshops that have been awarded CEUs are applicable for renewal.

A list of what conference workshops are applicable every year. You can find these lists below or at the check-in desk on-site at the conference.

2024- Oklahoma City
2023- Portland
2022 – Cleveland
2021 – Virtual
2020 – Raleigh


Non-Conference CEUs

CEUs outside of the ACCT conference are also able to be approved. To receive approved CEUs outside of ACCT, please fill out the Non-Conference CEU Request form

Below are examples of what those CEUs might include:

  • Involvement in any inspector-related seminars, conferences, or activities.
  • Relevant committee involvement
  • Presenting relevant subject matter at Industry Conference
  • In-house training that is accompanied by a syllabus.
  • Third-party training relative to product or system-specific manufacturer training. I.e., welding, rigging, OSHA, CWA, ASTM, TSSA, AIMS, NAARSO, and PPE inspection training.
  • Documented mentorship supported by your supervisor.

If you are unsure if a workshop or course would count toward CEUs, please feel free to send the course information to Heather Brooks, Program Manager, for approval. 

If you have questions about obtaining CEU’s please reach out to the Program Department at