Renewing Your Certification

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The maintenance and renewal of this certification is obtained through a combination of continuing
education, work experience, and periodic re-testing. Once you have become an ACCT Certified Inspector, you will need to renew your certification every two years. Depending on your track, your renewal requirements will be different. All renewals will require updated documentation (Eye Exam, Portfolio, Supervisor Attestation, and Insurance).

Continuing education and Inspections to be documented in Portfolio every two years: 

Level 1 In-House, and Level 2 In-House Inspector/Monitor. 24 hours of continuing education units (CEUs) or 24 hours of ACCT-approved formal training and 4 In-House inspections (of which 2 are Periodic Internal Monitoring) during their certification period of two-years to retain inspector certification.

Level 1 Professional, and Level 2 Professional. 32 hours of continuing education units (CEUs) or 32 hours of ACCT-approved formal training and 6 Professional Inspections during the certification period of two-years to retain inspector certification.

2-Year Renewal:

If it has been two years since you tested, you will need to do a document only renewal. You will need to fill out the 2-Year Renewal Application and upload your updated froms. This renewal is to check that you are staying current with the inspection and the CEU requirements for your certification. You do not need to test for this renewal.

2-Year Renewal Application


4-Year Renewal:

Every four years, you are required to test to renew your certification. You will need to submit updated forms since your 2-year renewal, including the inspection and CEU requirements for your certification and pass the Inspector Certification Exam with a minimum of 80%. These testing events happen periodically throughout the year in a virtual on-site option.

4-Year Renewal Application