ACCT Inspector Certification Program

Inspector Certification was created as a result of an identified need due to the growth of industry technology, and increased incidents and to ensure there was an equivalent certification that best represented ACCT standards and the courses we strive to incorporate. 

ACCT Inspector Certification is recognized and accepted by numerous agencies and Authorities Having Jurisdiction worldwide. Before you apply, know these certifications will not supersede any state or provincial law that requires third-party independent inspection, insurance requirements for such, or any de facto standard (ex., ISO that requires additional duties be performed or documented by the inspection body)

Our Exams are based on the knowledge and experience you are expected to have based on the eligibility requirements of the certification level you seek. ACCT offers two tracks for the Inspector Certification program: 

  • In-House Inspectors are those individuals who provide Pre-Use, Periodic, and site-specific inspections for the company they are employed through.
  • Professional Inspectors are those individuals that work for a company that provides Professional, Annual, and Acceptance inspections.