Test Prep Suggestions and Materials

  • ANSI/ACCT 03-2016 Challenge Courses and Canopy/Zip Line Tours Standards - www.acctinfo.org

  • Basic Math Skills Practice - http://www.math.com/practice/EverydayMath.html

  • ASTM Overview
  • Barron's Mechanical and Spatial Aptitude Test (or similar skills book on mechanical and spatial aptitude available at http://www.amazon.com (additional free resources can be found by using Google to search for “mechanical and spatial Aptitude study guide”).

  • Manufacturers and Material Spec sheets for common materials used in the design and operation of advanced challenge course structures - examples include: Auto belay systems that rely on hydraulics, pneumatics; zip line brakes that rely on mechanics, pulley systems, magnetics or hydraulics and pneumatics as well as hand brake systems.

  • Wire Rope Inspection