The 31st Annual ACCT International Conference Will Be Fully Virtual!

Event Updates,

Our host venues, public health officials and the Spokane community have informed us that they do not feel confident about hosting our conference in January, 2021 due to ongoing public health and safety concerns. Restrictions on large group gatherings in the state of Washington are still in place, and there remains a great amount of uncertainty about when those restrictions will eventually be lifted.

As a result of that decision, we are transitioning to a fully virtual event! Fortunately, the ACCT staff have been anticipating and preparing for this for the past several weeks. We have been talking to other organizations who have already made the decision to go virtual with their events, we’ve been exploring various virtual event platforms, and gathering other information about how to structure and deliver the best possible experience for our attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors.

One of the main benefits of transitioning to a fully virtual event will be the greatly reduced cost of attendance (i.e., travel, lodging and meals), as you will be able to join us from the comfort of your home! We’re also extremely excited about what this means for our international community as one of the largest barriers to their participation has been travel costs.

The Workshop Crew is working hard to make sure this pivot to a virtual conference will be a great continuing education and networking event for our community. If you submitted a workshop proposal for 2021, know that we are reassessing in light of the switch to virtual and will be in communication with you about next steps. We would love to hear your questions and comments through this live questionnaire:

The ACCT community IS resilient, creative, and filled with wonderful individuals who are dedicated to their craft. It’s time we MOVE FORWARD TOGETHER! 

We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts as we prepare for the 2021 Virtual Conference. Stay tuned for much more information in the weeks ahead including an announcement on when we will be launching conference registration, which we anticipate doing by the end of September or early October.