Hubbell Power Systems Deadends

Technical Bulletins,

ACCT was recently made aware of an undated letter on the Hubbell Power Systems website stating clearly that Hubbell Power Systems Deadends are not to be used in the challenge course industry or any of the other related and associated industries. This letter also addresses Fargo products of similar types. This undated letter could be found on the Hubbell website (PDF).

It should be noted that this letter not only addresses automatic deadends but also other types called bolted deadends and formed wire deadends. The letter not only shows the items covered but also how to identify these items.

The letter from Hubbell Power Systems is very similar to the notice from MacLean Power Systems issued in the early 2000’s and referenced in the “ACCT StrandVise® Update” (PDF) published August of 2007. The Association suggest looking to this document if owners, inspectors, or designers seek an immediate response.

ACCT Staff have requested additional information from Hubbell Power Systems. ACCT will provide additional information and guidance as more information and analysis is available.


Update 2021-04-08 edited version of Hubbell letter also includes suspension clamps and pole bands (an expanded version is now THE version on the Hubbell website)