Safety Warning - Maillon Rapide 8mm Standard Zinc plated steel EN362 / EN12275 Ref.MRNZ08.0 CE EN

Technical Bulletins,

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PEGUET - Maillon Rapide


Peguet le fabricant des fameux Maillons Rapides tient à votre sécurité Nous ne manquerens pas de le vous informer de

l'évolution de cette enquête.

Votre sécurité est notre responsabilit

Péguet, the manufacturer of the famous Maillons Rapides, is committed to your safety.

We will be sure to keep you informed of the progress of this investigation

Your safety is our responsibility.


MAILLON RAPIDE 8mm Standard Zinc plated steel EN 362 / EN 12275

Ref. MRNZ08.0 CE EN


Customer report March 2021 on batch "A.19.04"

Crack on surface of the rod


Defect detected at the opening the packaging

New product, never used

Incident on People: none

Unique case

Investigation in progress by us

Product accidentally cracked at the end of manufacture & non-discarded

Additional investigation to be carried out her receipt by PEGUET Maillon Rapide of the part concerned

How to proceed

Check the general aspect of any product corresponding to the above criteria

Visual inspection before use, in accordance with the User's Instructions point N.2:

The user must perform before every use visual checks (for corrosion, wearing, deformation), functional checks (of threads, etc.) along with checks for mark legibility. Extreme temperatures and the effects of chemical reagents, cuts and abraisions are all factors that could affect the performance of the equipment. Care should be taken during use, transport and storage. While in use, the nut must be correctly and completely screwed onto the bold with the appropriate tightening torque: no thread must be showing.

Notify us IMMEDIATELY any product with a similar defect:,