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The excitement is building as we approach the 34th Annual International ACCT Conference & Exposition in Oklahoma City, OK, USA! This event brings together thought leaders, professionals, and contributors in the challenge course industry for an enriching experience like no other.

Early Bird Registration Deadline: 2 Weeks from now

Make sure to take advantage of our Early Bird registration, which ends in just two weeks! By registering now, you'll secure your spot at a discounted rate. Rates increase $60 across all member categories after November 17th, 2023.

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ALSO: Save yourself some time by being sure that the right people are inheriting member benefits to get the best possible rates.
Are you a painter, sculptor, photographer, designer, or artist of any name? Show your creative side at the 2024 conference in the ACCT ARTISANS CORNER. This year’s Expo Hall will include an area for artists to show your work during select hours, and a contemplative place for all conference attendees to step away from the hustle and bustle of the Expo Hall. It is free to participate, however exhibitors will be asked to sign up for at least one shift monitoring the gallery. For the full rules and to submit your work, please click this link.
For questions, contact Rachel Robinson at
Proposed Schedule (Based on Conference Schedule as of 10/26/23)

Gallery Set-up/Receive Art: Thurs. 2/22, 12-2 pm
Gallery Open: Thurs 2/22, 4:30-6:15 pm
Fri 2/23, 4:30-6:15 pm
Gallery Clean-up/Pick up Art: Sat 2/24, 12:30-2 pm (During ACCT Olympics)
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WOMEN OF ACCT'S ICE STUDY GROUP (In-House & Professional) Wednesday 8 November 2023 - Thursday 1 February 2024

DESCRIPTION: Intended for women who plan to take an upcoming ACCT Inspector Certification Exam, or those who are contemplating it, the WoA ICE Study Group is comprised of six (6) live Zoom sessions held over the course of 13 weeks.

Sessions will be held at 5:30p Mountain and will last 90 minutes. Each session will have discussion topics that are based on ACCT-identified exam categories as well as sample tests. Additionally, one or two real photo-based scenarios will be presented during each session in order to get practice working through an inspection/evaluation process. Current certified inspectors and other industry professionals will be in attendance to help guide the discussion and answer questions. An online forum will also be provided for the group to share resources, ask questions, have online discussions, and help each other succeed outside of the scheduled study sessions. Space is limited so please express interest via the online form sooner rather than later.
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From Petzl:
Request for inspection of ASTRO and CANYON GUIDE harnesses following the detection of a defect on the gated opening attachment point of an ASTRO harness. Due to the risk of unintentional opening of this attachment point, which could result in a life-threatening situation, we ask you to stop any use of these harnesses and to carry out immediately the following inspection.
more details at Petzl's notice

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Upcoming Board of Directors Meetings
Request to join, and see entire schedule at
All meetings 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM mountain unless otherwise noted 
  • November 15
  • December 20
  • January 17

And this month's Open Office Hours with your Board Chair, Korey Hampton, has been rescheduled to November 14, at 6pm, and the topic will be a Q&A with Heather Brooks, Program Manager, about the new Vendor Accreditation Program updates.

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