QCP Update

Program Updates,

The qualified course professional guidelines have been used to define what it means for an individual to be considered “qualified” in comparison to different professional services. As the industry changes, the need to redefine what it means to “be qualified” in today's industry also needs to be taken into account.

A group with representation from each current category, designer, installer, inspector, trainer/tester, operation Reviewer, have been gathered with the sole purpose not updating, but recreating what it means to be considered qualified.

I share all this information with you because we want to make sure we include all professionals in this conversation. From facilitators and guides to managers and owners. As individuals who use the QCP’s to evaluate either yourself or others, we want to know what YOUR qualifications are when you look for a qualified person.

I have created a Google Jamboard to collect all of your thoughts, comments, criteria, and qualifications. There are different pages, each one representing a specific qualified person. Some of these pages are potentially new additions to this list of qualified individuals. On the left side of the board there is a toolbar, please use the sticky notes and add whatever you like to that specific board. It is ok if you have the same comment as someone else. Multiples of the same comments or thoughts reiterates the point. Please only create, do not edit or delete anyone else's notes.

The QCP group will gather your comments and find the trends and needs of the industry and incorporate them into the new redefined qualified course professional guidelines. This group will also present an update at the ACCT Conference in Portland. Your thoughts are important, please make sure they are included in this process.