Petzl TRAC CLUB trolley Recall

Technical Bulletins,

From Petzl:


Recall of TRAC CLUB trolleys (P023AB00 and P023AB01) due to a risk of breakage that could cause a fatal fall. Immediately stop using the trolleys affected by this recall.

MARCH 22 2022



We are recalling the TRAC CLUB adventure park trolleys with reference numbers P023AB00 (trolley sold individually) and P023AB01 (trolleys sold in pack of 5). These trolleys have been sold by Petzl since January 25, 2021. Their serial numbers are 20Lxxxxx to 22Axxxxx, inclusive.

These trolleys present a risk of breakage of the black rear plate that could cause a fatal fall.

Please immediately follow these instructions:  

If you are a user:

  • Stop all use of the affected trolleys.
  • Quarantine these trolleys.
  • Communicate this information to your colleagues.

If you are a retailer:

  • Stop all sales of the affected trolleys.
  • Quarantine these trolleys.
  • Communicate this information to your customers.

In both cases:

  • Contact your local Petzl after-sales service via this contact form to return the trolleys and get a replacement by the TRAC GUIDE LT (see product details in the FAQ). Petzl pays the return cost.
  • You may also ask for a refund.
  • Choose "After-sales service" in the "reason for the request" and be sure to specify : "TRAC CLUB Recall" in your message, as well as the serial numbers of your trolleys (*).

(*) The additional data will only be used for the purposes of this recall.


Has this risk caused any personal injury?

As of March 22, 2022, we know two cases of trolley breakage while they were being used in a system with a second lanyard (redundancy). These ruptures did not result in any personal injury.

Where can I find the serial number?

Your TRAC CLUB’s serial number is located on the frame of the product.

Numéro de série

If I choose an exchange, can I use the TRAC GUIDE LT in place of my TRAC CLUB?

Yes. The TRAC GUIDE LT has the same bearings as the TRAC CLUB, which provide a durability and travel speed on cable similar to the TRAC CLUB. Its ergonomics, however, are the same as the TRAC GUIDE.

If I choose a refund for my TRAC CLUB, what amount will I be refunded?

Your local Petzl after-sales service will refund you the purchase price.

        Trac Guide LTTableau comparatif

Are the TRAC GUIDE trolleys affected by this recall?

No. No other trolleys are affected by this recall.


When will the TRAC CLUB be available again?

We are unable to provide an answer at this time. We are working on a technical solution to the problem and will keep you informed.