Our First Accredited Operations

Program Updates,

As we all slowly step into the new light that 2021 has to offer and reflect on the hurdles that 2020 has presented us all it is important to take into consideration how far we have come. Even if it is baby steps, the amount of progress can still be seen. This is true for ACCT as well. In the midst of 2020 we launched our newest Operation Accreditation program. This too did not slide through 2020 without encountering a few hurdles as well. However, without trials we can not have the tribulations. So, It is my pleasure and honor to announce that as of December 23rd, 2020 we have not one but two operations that have gone through the Operation Accreditation process.


Congratulations French Broad Adventures in Marshall North Carolina and Quarry Park Adventures in Rocklin California who are the first to say that they are ACCT Accredited Operations.


“I would like to personally congratulate the two operations that have recently

become accredited. This accreditation, along with our professional vendor

member accreditation, represent the gold standard for the challenge course

industry. Accreditation confirms that the company operates at the highest

level of performance, abides by ACCT standards, and is well equipped to

manage the risks associated with adventure experiences. Equally as

important, accreditation provides the general public, insurers, and

authorities having jurisdiction assurance that the program has been “vetted”

and thoroughly reviewed by an outside credentialing body.  Again,

congratulations to our first two accredited operations!” 

-Shawn Tierney, ACCT Executive Director


You will be able to see both French Broad Adventures and Quarry Park Adventures information webpages on the ACCT website very soon. 


If you would like more information on how to become an ACCT Accredited Operation, please go to https://www.acctinfo.org/OperationAccreditation or you can send an email to Heather Brooks the Program Manager at heather@acctinfo.org