Member Education Panel Presents: Operation Accreditation Q&A

Webinars, Program Updates,

Interviewers/Moderators: Michelle Hepler & Dan Harbuck

Panel: Heather Brooks, Korey Hampton, and Tim Prairie

Operation Accreditation Program

This is a Webinar video to inform the general public and individuals interested in understanding Operations Accreditation Program.

00:00 Introductions to the webinar and host
06:05 Explain the Operation Accreditation Program - Heather
08:22 What inspired this process? Both from an organization (ACCT) and operation (Industry) standpoint? - Tim
11:29 Who is this for? - Korey
14:42 Why should I undertake this process? - Tim
17:40 What benefits are there to programs that are not open to the public education, military? - Tim
22:15 What are common challenges in the preparation for a review? - Korey
24:54 What paperwork will be needed? - Heather
32:31 What areas of my program are going to be reviewed? - Korey
34:37 What does the day of review look like? - Korey
37:14 What is the average timeline for this process? - Heather
42:29 From a timeline perspective once I turn in my application when will I know I’m complete? - Heather
44:41 What is the process of maintaining the accreditation? - Heather
47:32 How much does it cost, the details behind these costs, and why? - Heather
51:32 Poll about Barriers
53:00 Final thoughts. If my state has no mandates how do I get buy-in from my organization? - Tim
57:06 Thanks and Good-byes