ICE CEUs at the Conference

Posted By: Heather Brooks Event Updates, Program Updates,

This year, we implemented a strategic adjustment by transitioning from QR Codes back to self-tracking CEU lists, eliminating the need for presenter signatures but incorporating sign-in/sign-out sheets. This decision was made with the aim of streamlining the CEU collection process, ensuring a more efficient and user-friendly experience for all involved.

The introduction of sign-in/sign-out sheets serves the purpose of enabling ACCT Staff to verify attendance while reviewing ICE renewals. It's important to clarify that the primary goal was not to compile a comprehensive list of attendee participation. Instead, our focus remains on empowering individuals to utilize a dependable method for tracking CEUs, facilitating seamless transferability to their respective portfolios.

For those who may have overlooked signing in or out, we want to alleviate any concerns. The sign-in/sign-out process was implemented solely to aid in verification and does not affect your ability to include pre-cons, workshops, and post-cons attended in your portfolio.

We acknowledge that this method may not suit everyone's preferences for CEU collection and are actively exploring alternative options to better accommodate diverse needs.

For ICE CEU lists, please refer to the ACCT website under Inspector Certification.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we strive to enhance our processes for the benefit of all participants.