ACCT Collaborates with Blue Sky eLearn: to Help Unlock the Power of Professional Development!

ACCT Academy,

We are excited to announce a significant step forward in our mission to enhance professional development and credentialing opportunities. The Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) has signed an agreement to utilize Blue Sky eLearn as our Learning Management System (LMS). This powerful tool will serve as a comprehensive platform for ACCT credentialing and ACCT Academy, providing accessible and efficient resources for our community.

Blue Sky eLearn is a leading provider of learning technologies, known for their user-friendly interfaces and robust features. The adoption of this LMS will transform the way we deliver educational content and foster professional growth within our industry. With this platform, ACCT aims to streamline the credentialing process and provide a centralized hub for accessing a wide range of professional development opportunities.

The implementation of Blue Sky eLearn's LMS marks a significant milestone for ACCT. This platform will serve as a pivotal foundation for ACCT credentialing, providing a seamless experience for candidates pursuing certification. By harnessing this tool, ACCT will establish a standardized and efficient process to evaluate and acknowledge the expertise of our valued members and the wider challenge course community.

Furthermore, ACCT Academy will leverage Blue Sky eLearn to provide a diverse array of professional development resources. From online courses and webinars to interactive modules and events, ACCT Academy will be a hub of continuous learning and growth for challenge course professionals. The LMS will allow for easy access to a wealth of educational content, enabling our members to enhance their skills and knowledge.

While the adoption of Blue Sky eLearn's LMS brings tremendous opportunities, we recognize the importance of a smooth transition. The onboarding process for this platform is expected to take approximately 8 to 11 weeks. Our dedicated Staff are working diligently to ensure a seamless implementation, including the migration of existing content and the customization of the platform to meet our unique needs.

During this transition period, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to enhance the learning experience for our community. We will keep you informed of any updates and provide training opportunities to familiarize you with the new system. Our goal is to ensure that you have the necessary tools and resources to make the most of this exciting new platform.

If you are passionate about supporting professional development opportunities, the Academy Development Work Group is looking for enthusiastic volunteers like you to contribute to our mission of collecting information, developing educational materials, and enhancing knowledge within the industry. By joining us, you'll have the opportunity to collaborate with ACCT Staff and other dedicated volunteers in creating valuable content and strategies for workshops, webinars, and various educational initiatives. To apply, please fill out the volunteer application form by no later than Friday, June 30th, 2023.