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Our Featured Accredited Member is Experiential Resources
The full explanation of how our new member platform handles employee records and extending your membership benefits to those employees has been posted

It's important to list and extend benefits to the people who want to take advantage of member discounts like the ones on our upcoming conference registration fees.

Scholarship Opportunities and Sponsorship Support:

At ACCT, we're dedicated to crafting an inclusive environment that eliminates financial obstacles. Our scholarship program presents an opportunity for well deserving individuals to actively contribute to the conference, engage with industry leaders, and participate in meaningful discussions and networking opportunities.

Each year, ACCT awards scholarships to individuals indicating interest in conference sponsorship to the Annual International ACCT Conference & Expo. An individual must submit a Conference Scholarship Application to indicate interest in being a candidate for sponsorship.

This year, ACCT will award a minimum of four scholarships for the 2024 Conference. The scholarship will provide financial support to assist with conference registration fees only. Scholarship recipients will be selected by the 2023-2024 Conference Work Group.
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From Colin Caines, Chair of the International Committee:

We are having another International Dialogue session on Monday, 28th of August 2023 at 10pm Singapore time, which I believe is 10am EST.

We have invited the Chair of the Board of Directors, Ms Korey Hampton and the office of ACCT to speak to us on the upcoming events of the Association and what changes there may be in the pipeline on Certifications and Accreditations.

This will be a great opportunity for you guys to ask any questions that you may have.
While a small group of course builders had gathered as early as 1988, with meetings, symposiums, and conferences every year since, the plans to form an association really got going in the early 90s. It was not until the legal paperwork was filed August 19th, 1993 that The Association for Challenge Course Technology was officially incorporated. So the association just had an (official legal paperwork) birthday!
Career Center Postings from
Park Program Coordinator II

As Parks Program Coordinator II, you will have the opportunity to join our team in LCRA Parks where the Lower Colorado River meets the Gulf of Mexico. This position will lead and develop outstanding programming to meet LCRA Parks goal of being the most dynamic park system in the nation. 

Senior Program Director - Climbing and Challenge

Senior Program Director - Climbing and Challenge YMCA of Greater Seattle Full-time position. Year-round. Oversees 7 Climbing and Challenge Course locations across King County. 

Outdoor Attractions Ride Manager

Position: Outdoor Attractions Ride Manager - Date Needed: 08-23-2023 - Organization: Cave of the Winds - City: Colorado Springs - Country United States - State/Province/Region: CO - Primary Category: Operation - Type of Position: Full-Time ...

Project Superintendent

Bonsai Design, a world-class aerial adventure course provider, is looking for Project-Based Superintendents to work on individual project sites.

Project-Based Installer

Bonsai Design, a world-class aerial adventure course provider, is looking for Project-Based Installers to work on individual project sites. 

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