Become an ACCT Professional Vendor Member

A PVM of ACCT is a company which has successfully completed the Professional Vendor Member Application, including the Accreditation, process. The process includes a stringent review which determines an applicant’s adherence to ACCT Accreditation Policies and Procedures and its good faith commitment to ACCT Standards. Successful completion of this process distinguishes a PVM from other vendors, identifying the PVM as having been found to be highly experienced and competent.

Companies interested in learning more about the PVM application and review process should contact the ACCT Management Office. Please note that the PVM designation covers only challenge course services - installation, inspection, practitioner certification, and training as well as any consultation services on these topics. Programming done by these organizations is not included in the PVM designation, nor is any other type of service or product provided.

For more information about becoming an Accredited Professional Vendor Member of ACCT contact the Program Manager, at or at 303-827-2432.