What is a Board Emeritus?

ACCT Updates,

Have you ever looked at the ACCT Committee chart and wondered who or what the Board Emeritus is? Well, we’re here to answer that question! Members of the Board Emeritus have provided dedicated and distinguished service to the mission of the ACCT – often as former members of the Board of Directors, and longstanding volunteers within the organization. The ACCT appreciates their numerous contributions and recognizes their potential as a valuable resource, and is committed to fostering an active, ongoing relationship with them.

There are five members currently serving on the Board Emeritus: Randy Smith, Ken Jacquot, Jim Wall, Andrew Hubert, and Brian Lisson. The Board Emeritus members are considered “honorary Board members” and are often consulted as individuals, or as a group, for guidance on Board matters and ACCT business. They do not have voting rights, but they do have considerable institutional knowledge, industry expertise, and experience serving in volunteer roles that provide great value to the current Board of Directors in the performance of their duties.

Until recently, the Board Emeritus served, at the pleasure of the Board, for an unlimited term. At the July 6th meeting of the current Board of Directors, the Board voted to enact a five-year term limit for the Board Emeritus members. Beginning with our next ACCT Conference, each year the Board will publicly honor the service of one outgoing member of the Board Emeritus, and vote on a new member to join this distinguished group. Now that you know who the Board Emeritus is, we hope that you will join us in offering appreciation and gratitude to the current Board Emeritus, as well as past Board Emeritus members Bob Ryan, Cindi Walker, Dick Prouty, Jeff Boeke, and Tim Kempfe, for their valuable service to the Association.