Consensus Group Open Seats - Do YOU fit into the General Interest Category?

ANSI Updates,

The ACCT Consensus Group now has two openings in the General Interest Category. If you have an interest in Standards and are wondering if you fit into this category, please read the following definitions of the current categories that make up this group: 

General Interest: This category includes representatives with a variety of perspectives that are neither Vendors nor Users. Examples include, and are not limited to: regulatory agencies, trade associations (that represent interest other than Vendors and Users), standards writing organizations, consumer groups, environmental groups, and researchers.

That's not an exhaustive list; this category is meant to hold those who are materially interested but do not fit in the Vendor or User interest categories. The goal is that the group has a balance of representation from materially interested parties in the industry affected by our standards. Those other interest categories are defined below: 

User: This category includes representatives of interests directly involved in using challenge courses, including and not limited to facilities that operate facilitated programs, guided programs, and self-guided (or monitored) programs. Examples of facilities that may use challenge courses include: educational entities, camps, retreat centers, hospitals and rehabilitation centers, community service organizations, social service agencies, recreation and fitness programs and destination locations/resorts.

Vendor: This category includes representatives of interests directly involved in providing services to USERS (from above), including and not limited to: designing, constructing, inspection, maintaining and outfitting challenge courses and the staff (e.g. selling safety equipment). Services can also include training of operating personnel, providing insurance (for non-self insured agencies) and engineering the structure or designing the program.

If you think you're a good fit, or you just want to learn more about the Consensus Group head over to their page for more info and a link to the application. We keep applications on file for all categories and contact those applicants when appropriate openings happen. If you have questions and want to talk to us about whether you might be a good fit for this category, contact us.