A message from your Chair

Posted By: Korey Hampton ACCT Updates,

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Melissa Webb to the position of Temporary Director of Operations at the ACCT. Melissa has been a valued member of the ACCT staff for nearly ten years and has consistently proven her dedication to our Association and her commitment to the growth and betterment of our industry. As the ACCT Events Director, she has demonstrated strong leadership, impressive organizational skills, and remarkable attention to detail by successfully orchestrating the Association's signature event every year.

While the ACCT continues to seek the right person to become our new Executive, we are confident that Melissa's extensive experience at ACCT will help to assure stability during the transition period. Effective immediately, Melissa will begin to assume responsibility for the day-to-day operation and management of the business of the ACCT, including but not limited to the management of finances, the supervision of staff, and the oversight of events and programs. During this transition period, and until a permanent hire is made, Korey Hampton will remain the Acting Executive Director of the ACCT. Please direct all questions to Korey.Hampton@ACCTinfo.org.