2024 Post Conference Wrap Up

Posted By: Brittany Humphrey Event Updates,

The 34th Annual ACCT Conference in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma was one for the books! If you were unable to make it this year, let me give you a quick rundown on what you missed!

We kicked off the conference a little differently this year by hosting our very own ACCT Talk Show during the opening ceremonies with Matt Marcus as our host! We got to meet and hear from members of the Board, ACCT staff, and even members of our ACCT affinity groups – including our newest the Queer Advocacy and Support affinity group (I think the Madhatter even made an appearance)! With such a fun kick off, you know we had to make Friday and Saturday equally as fun, so after all the amazing workshops finished up and the exhibit hall closed Friday evening, Granite Insurance hosted a networking social at Chicken N Pickle with some delicious food and drinks that primed everyone up for some extra competitive pickleball action! The courts were packed, and some friendships may not have survived (Just kidding – All in good fun)! On Saturday, our final day of conference, the competitive spirit was still alive with the ever-popular cable whip competition! This year instead of it being part of the typical ACCT Olympics, it was a mission in Harnessing OKC – our new initiative to be more inclusive and inspire you to explore our hosting city. We closed out conference with the closing ceremonies and awards presentation and what an emotional year it was! This year’s winners were more than deserving and the ACCT community seemed to agree, as there was not a dry eye in the house. You will find the list of recipients below to give them the big and bold congratulations they deserve! As always, the fun doesn’t stop with our planned conference activities, but you will have to ask your friends about the after-hours fun that was had!

 As always, the ACCT team thanks each and every one of you who attended, and we are so grateful for such an amazing community! If you were unable to make it this year, we hope that you will be able to join us January 22-26 in Cleveland, OH for the 35th Annual ACCT Conference & Exposition - Be on the lookout for more information about next year’s conference as we continue to update the webpage and maybe provide sneak peaks of what’s to come!  


The call for presenters for 2025 in Cleveland, OH is open!

Submit proposals by May 31, 2024, using the link provided below!

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