Operation Accreditation FAQ


1. What Are The Benefits Of Having An Accredited Operation?

Regardless of receiving accreditation, the process of going through a review will help you to raise the bar in the operation of your program. You will have the awareness of how your programs measure up, identify weaknesses and identify areas for improvement. If you are accredited you will be able to represent this to your clients, insurance, participants and others. You will have the assurance that someone from outside of your organization has provided an objective view of your operation. Accredited Operation Logo on website. Information on ACCT Website Acknowledgment by a third-party that you are complying with ACCT standards. Complies with the ACCT standard of B.2.7.

2. How Do I Know If Operation Accreditation Is Right For Me, And If I Am Ready?
3. Do I Need The Operation Accreditation?

There are no jurisdictional or insurance requirements to go through this process at this time.

4. Does My Site/Program Meet The Requirements For The Operation Accreditation?

5. How Long Does The Accreditation Last?

Accreditation lasts for three years at which time your program will be re-reviewed to renew. You will be required to submit an annual report.

6. How Long Will The Accreditation Process Take?

This depends on the size and scope of the operation. We expect on average about 2-6 months from the time you have identified and contracted your Reviewer

7. How Long Will The Operation Review Take?

On average, 1-3 days on-site depending on program size and the particulars of your facility. Documents may be requested in advance of the site visit, and/or in follow-up to the site visit. This will be worked out directly with your reviewer, and could vary based on a number of factors.

8. What Are The Specific Areas Of My Program That Will Be Reviewed?

The review will focus on Chapter 2 of the current edition of the ACCT standards. You will also need to show an annual third-party inspection aligns with Chapter one of the current ACCT standards. Training documentation will be reviewed and will need to align with chapter 3 of the ACCT standards.

9. Who Can Perform My Review?

If you want to submit your review for accreditation, you need to pick one individual from the Approved ACCT Reviewer list who has experience with the operations at your site. If you just need the review and do not want to do the Accreditation portion to show compliance with the ACCT Standard of 5 year review, a qualified person can do a review.

10. How Should I Prepare For My Accreditation Process?

Review Chapter 2 of the ANSI/ACCT 03-2019 Standards. Ensure your course complies with Chapter 2 of the ACCT Standards. Review the Operation Accreditation intake form. Ask questions. Find a consultant if you feel you need the extra assistance. Identify an ACCT Approved Reviewer

11. What Is Included In The Application As Well As The Application Process?

Please refer to the Operation Accreditation Forms page on the ACCT website for in-depth information

12. What Documentation Do I Need To Obtain Accreditation?
  • Training Affidavit
  • Annual third-party course inspection
  • Operation Review

13. What Documents Will The Operation Reviewer Need To Review?

The documentation referred to in Chapter Two of the ACCT Standards (Operation Standards)

14. What Staff Will Need To Be Present?

This will be worked out with your reviewer and will align with your program. Your reviewer may ask to meet with any of the following: Owner, Manager, Lead Facilitators or Guides, normal Facilitators or Guides and other persons of responsibility within your program or parent company.

15. Should I Update My Manual To Reflect Our Practices Prior To Our Review?

Yes, your written operating procedures, your operation and actions of facilitators or guides should be in alignment with your actual practices and the ACCT Standards.

16. Following My Review, How Long Do I Have To Make Changes To My Site Before Submitting My Review To ACCT?

If you are enrolled in the ACCT Operation Accreditation process, Operation Reviewers must submit a report to the operation within 60 days and that report is valid for submitting to ACCT for 6 months from the initial site visit.

17. How Much Does It Cost?

Please go to the Operation Accreditation Cost page on the ACCT website for full detailed information

18. Is There A Difference In Cost For Non-Profits?

For the application process, there is not a cost difference. For the on-going annual fees that include your Non-profit membership dues, yes. Please go to the Operation Accreditation Cost page on the ACCT website for full detailed information

19. Will I Still Need Training For My Staff?

You will need to have an effective training program by a Qualified Course Professional, as outlined in your training affidavit, and it will need to continue while you are accredited.

20. How Do I Know If I Have A Qualified Training / Trainer?

Review Chapter 3 of the ACCT Standards (Training) and the QCP guidelines for Trainers.

21. Will The Reviewer Watch Me (Or My In-House Trainer) Deliver Training? If So, Are There Any Specific Parts Of The Training That They Will Want To See?

No. The accreditation process relies on the training affidavit to evaluate the training program. The on-site review is evaluating operations.

22. Will I Still Need An Annual 3rd-Party Professional Inspection For My Site?

Yes, and they will need to submit an Inspection Cover Sheet

23. If I Fail My Professional Inspection, Can I Still Pass My Review?

Having a course that passes a professional inspection is a requirement of accreditation. If the items that failed are determined to be critical to the program safety and will prevent the program from operating. You will be out of compliance with ACCT standards. If you have a process to prevent the element from being used and have a plan for remediation, you will need to have the elements reinspected to be compliant with standards.

24. What Happens If I Fail My Review?

Consult your reviewer for options to rectify failed portions of the report. It is the responsibility of the Operation to send the report to the ACCT, and this does not need to be done until the Operation is satisfied with the result. In our experience, almost every review results in items to be addressed. Be prepared for “homework” needed to complete the process.

25. Does The Operation Accreditation Align With The American Camp Association?

At this time there is no collaboration or alignment with any other agency, association or governmental body.

26. When Will I Know If My Accreditation Is Approved?

The reviewer you contract with is there to get information about your program, not to decide if you have "passed". From the time you submit the Operation Review Form, and all your other documents and fees, this information will go to the ACCT Program Manager and/or Operations Accreditation Panel for final accreditation. We estimate it should take 1-2 months to receive your results.

27. Is There Paperwork That I Will Need To Submit Annually?

Yes - there is an annual report

28. Will My Insurance Change If I Have The Operation Accreditation?

Possibly - you will need to check in with your insurance carrier about this. ACCT does NOT guarantee that it will.

29. Will My Workmen’s Compensation Change If I Have An Operation Accreditation?

Possibly - you will need to check in with your worker’s compensation insurance carrier about this. ACCT does NOT guarantee that it will.

30. What If I Have A Lapse In Insurance Coverage, A Failed Inspection Or Operational Review, The Operation Is Named In A Lawsuit, The Operation Goes Into Bankruptcy Proceedings Or Dissolution, There Is A Change In Management That Results In A Lack Of Qualified Personnel, Or There Is A Change In My Ownership?

If there is a significant change in operations, including but not limited to all of the circumstances listed above, this may affect the status of your accreditation. These should be reported to the Program Manager with the supporting notification form

31. What If A Significant Accident/Injury Takes Place At My Course?

This shall be reported to the Accreditation Program Manager within 48 hours and include the Serious Injury/Fatality Notification Form

32. How Much Of My Operation Is Accredited When I Go Through The Process?

Your accreditation is conferred to one site. For example, if you had your zip line reviewed and not your adventure park, just the zip line would be