Workshop Recruitment

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ACCT is currently accepting workshop presentation proposals for the 2024 Conference, which will take place in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. The conference will be held from February 22nd to 25th, 2024, at the Omni Oklahoma City and the Oklahoma City Convention Center. The deadline for submissions is May 31st, 2023.

Have a great idea or valuable information to share with your peers? That could be the perfect title for your session! We believe in the power of knowledge sharing and would love to hear about what you're passionate about. Submit your proposal today by clicking here.

If this is your first time presenting, don't worry! You can contact the Workshop Coordinators at for assistance with the submission process. We have prepared some helpful information to guide you. Thank you for your willingness to contribute to our community by sharing your expertise!


Be aware of your audience.  When submitting a proposal, it is crucial to consider your audience. The ACCT Conference brings together people from various aspects of the industry, including owners, operators, facilitators, trainer-testers, builders, installers, manufacturers, attorneys, higher-education faculty, K-12 teachers, camp personnel, programmers, social services agency officials, YMCA, Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America, hospitals, law enforcement, military, challenge course consultants, entrepreneurs, regulators, ski resort owners, and other challenge course professionals.

Understand that folks that attend our event have varying degrees of experience. It's important to acknowledge that attendees at our event have diverse levels of experience. Some are attending the conference to explore the industry and determine if it's the right career path for them. Others are seeking business opportunities and gathering information and contacts. There are also seasoned professionals who have been involved in the community for longer than ACCT has been established. Our goal is to provide educational content that caters to everyone's needs.

Understand the session tracks as well as the importance of them. 

FP – Facilitation / Programming

These workshops speak to facilitators, challenge course managers, trainers/testers and anyone looking to improve their program. Facilitators can find workshops in this track that can add to their “bag of tricks” when working with participants. While other workshops in this track focus on ways to build and strengthen your programming. 

  • Keywords Workshop Coordinators look for to place in this track include: Games, teambuilding, facilitation, soft skills, group games, props/no props, storytelling, programming, etc. 

IB – Industry / Business 

This track is great for individuals & companies looking to gather more detailed insight on the industry, hearing straight from ACCT leadership, as well as from those on the frontline of our industry. These workshops focus on topics that reach all facets of our industry.   

  • Keywords Workshop Coordinators look for to place in this track include: industry, business decisions, planning, standards, market, marketing, ROI, updates, research, analysis, reports, certifications, waivers, legal, laws, diversity, hiring, HR, etc. 

OM – Operations / Management

The OM track speaks to attendees that serve in a wide variety of management roles within our industry. They are looking to acquire insight and data on how to operate and manage an aerial adventure park, zip line tour or challenge course program. 

  • Keywords Workshop Coordinators look for to place in this track include: operations, management, staffing, staff training, standards, record keeping, etc. 

TR – Trainer

The TR track is meant for individuals, trainers, operations and vendors that focus on conducting training for practitioners in the aerial adventure, canopy, and challenge course industry. 

  • Keywords Workshop Coordinators look for to place in this track include: staff training, guide training, local operating procedures, facilitator / trainer competency, etc.

TT – Technical Topics 

Perfect for those interested in learning more about the technical side of the challenge course industry. Also contains workshops relevant to ACCT Inspector Certification Exam (ICE) applicants. 

  • Key words the Workshop Coordinators look for to place in this track are: gear, use/cleaning/tracking/storage of equipment, belay systems, knots, rescue systems & skills, building, inspecting, mechanical advantages, PPE, equipment tracking, ICE, etc.


  • It serves as a great addition to your resume or portfolio.
  • You'll receive a heavily discounted registration rate.
  • Presenting at professional events is excellent for career development and helps establish rapport with peers in the industry.
  • You'll have the opportunity to share your expertise, exchange ideas, and gain new knowledge from other professionals.
  • You can communicate your research to an interested and diverse audience, and receive valuable feedback on your work.
  • You can discuss the latest industry trends in real-time.
  • You'll receive a "Presenter" ribbon on your name badge, which is pretty cool.
  • You'll be invited to join our exclusive presenter gathering, where you can network with fellow experts in the field.