Extending Your Benefits to Employees

ACCT Updates,

Did you know that B2B (including Accredited Vendors), B2C, and Industry Stakeholder members all come with sub-accounts as part of the price? If you have a few employees that you'd like to extend your membership benefits to, it's a fairly easy process to do so.

  • Is there someone at your organization that should have access to their own digital copy of standards?
  • Are several people from your organization planning to join us for this year's conference and expo? Having their own member account is essential to getting the right discount on registration, and it's a major time-saver to have the right people listed in your membership before you try to register.
  • Have you been using an individual membership, but think it might be time to step up to the proper level for your organization so you can extend your benefits to a few deserving employees?

Contact us at the ACCT office and we can help you with all of these things.