Celebrating Our Outstanding Volunteers:

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Announcing the Nominees for the ACCT Volunteer of the Year Award:

We are thrilled to announce the nominees for ACCT’s prestigious "Volunteer of the Year Award"! These exceptional individuals have been nominated by their peers based on their commitment, dedication, impact, leadership, innovation, ethical conduct, positive influence, and support of diversity and inclusion within our association and the communities we serve.

Nominee Criteria

To be considered for this award, nominees must demonstrate:

  1. Commitment and Dedication: Consistent efforts, hours contributed, or length of service that align with ACCT's mission and goals.

  2. Impact: Significant and measurable contributions to our association's activities, such as initiating and leading successful projects, organizing events, or contributing to the growth and success of our programs.

  3. Leadership and Teamwork: Effective collaboration with other volunteers, leading by example, and inspiring others to get involved.

  4. Innovation: Introduction of innovative ideas or methods to improve our association's operations, programs, or services.

  5. Ethical Conduct: Adherence to a high standard of ethical conduct, showing respect and integrity in interactions with fellow volunteers, association members, and the industry at large.

  6. Positive Influence: Ability to motivate others, resolve conflicts, and foster a sense of belonging within our association.

  7. Support of Diversity and Inclusion: Active promotion and support of diversity and inclusion within our association and the communities we serve.


We are delighted to present the nominees for the Volunteer of the Year Award. These individuals have gone above and beyond in their service to the work of ACCT and have made a lasting impact on our mission and goals.

Join us in celebrating their outstanding contributions!

Alex Moore
Alicia Bourke
Bee Lacy
Carina Surface
John Lazarus
John Winter
Korey Hampton
Kristina Book
Leigh Carruth
Lori Stover
Lynda kelly
Michelle Hepler

The winner of the Volunteer of the Year Award will be announced at the upcoming ACCT Conference in February. Join us in celebrating their achievements and thanking them for their invaluable contributions to our association.