Bahman Azarm Re-elected to the ACCT Board of Directors

ACCT Updates,

ACCT is pleased to announce that Bahman Azarm has been re-elected to the Board of Directors for a second term. This one open seat, elected by the general membership of ACCT had a number of highly skilled and well-deserving candidates who we would like to thank for submitting their nominations.

Bahman has been the President of Outdoor Ventures since 2008, and is the owner of 8 aerial adventure parks. He has designed, built & trained over 35 aerial parks since 2008 and established the first Swiss Style aerial adventure park in the U.S. Bahman has also served as the Vice chair of the ACCT Board of Directors, 2017- 2020.   

ACCT Committee Involvement and Other Volunteer Experience

Bahman currently serves as Vice Chairman, Board of Directors from 2017-2020. Previous  experience includes founding committee member of the ACCT Aerial Park Operations Task Force and initial member of ACCT International Committee.

Bahman is passionate about introducing as many people to outdoor climbing in the safest manner possible.  He believes that improving safety on both the operational side, as well as the equipment side, is paramount to building public confidence in this rapidly growing industry, and without it, the activity and our association may suffer.  With it, hopefully more and more people will want to connect to the outdoors and gain a fun and valuable experience that will make them want to do more and more of it throughout the country.

Please join us in congratulating Bahman on his re-election!