ACCT Signs Standards Agreement With INTECO

ACCT Updates,

ACCT has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Institute of Technical Standards of Costa Rica (INTECO) for adoption of the ACCT standard throughout the industry in the country.

The Institute of Technical Standards of Costa Rica (INTECO) is a private, non-profit association created in 1987, located in the Investigation City of the Costa Rica University. INTECO is recognized, by law #8279, as the National Standard Body of Costa Rica, designated as a public utility for the interests of the State. INTECO is the representative of Costa Rica in the international and regional standardization organizations ISO, IEC, COPANT.

According to ACCT Executive Director Shawn Tierney, “we’re extremely excited to have signed this agreement with INTECO. The MoU provides a solid framework for working with INTECO on the adoption of our standard in Costa Rica, and is the culmination of many months of work by our Policy Director, Scott Andrews to bring this to fruition.”

INTECO standards enable national technical collaboration and are fundamental to the development of the quality infrastructure of Costa Rica. The interchange of standards will allow the organizations to bring technological development, economic growth, and new employment opportunities to the people of both countries.

INTECO participation in the development and promotion of ACCT’s standards will benefit all who depend on those standards and will advance global technological development.