ACCT Annual Membership Dues Increase

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ACCT Annual Membership Dues Increase

We will be implementing a 10% increase in our annual membership dues effective July 1, 2019. This increase affects all membership categories across the board except accredited vendor members, and our student and senior dues which will not be subject to any price adjustments at this time.

When was the last time membership dues were increased?
Our current annual membership dues structure has been in effect for nearly four years as the last price adjustment was made in December, 2015.

The increase will directly support the additional membership benefits currently underway or soon to be launched:

  • Increased policy and government relations work. ACCT hired a full-time policy director in January, 2019. Work is currently underway in no less than 12 states and Costa Rica. 

  • The upcoming publication of our newest edition of the ANSI/ACCT standard, and the translation of our standard into other languages.

  • The launch of ACCT University, an educational and professional development platform for webinars, white papers, technical notices, research, and business resources.  

  • Substantial improvements to vendor accreditation, and the launch of operation accreditation in the summer of 2019.

  • Increased financial support to our volunteer groups for face-to-face work meetings. Our volunteer groups are vital for helping to maintain and improve current programs and services.

  • Development of a multi-year strategic plan for the association.

  • Investigating the feasibility of offering member only access to an association sponsored health insurance plan.  

  • Supporting a membership outreach campaign to grow our membership, currently 2,700+ strong. Expanding our membership will allow us to provide even more benefits, services, and influence as the leading voice and chief advocate for the industry.


Thank You for Your Continued Support

Your membership is critical in keeping the association financially sustainable, strong, relevant and influential. ACCT is YOUR professional trade association for the challenge course industry. 

Thank you for being a member!