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Organization Overview

Formerly Pivotal Learning Pte. Ltd., we decided to rebrand ourselves as Blackbox Outdoor Education in 2023. In systems design, a blackbox is a complex system or device whose inner workings are hidden or not readily understood. We felt that Outdoor Education was a bit like that in Singapore - we know that it works from our years of experience but we often fail to unpack the "Why" it works fully. Hence Blackbox OE will help unpack the "whys" and help practitioners provide improved OE experiences!

We offer both site/system specific as well as full track training and certification. These trainings and certifications can be conducted at our selected site or the customer's site. We are the first ACCT PVM in training and certification in South East Asia (formerly as Pivotal Learning). Our training utilises various pedagogies such as flip classroom, experiential learning, adventure education, and competency based learning. One of our missions is to professionalize the field of challenge course practitioners in our region through rigorous training and certification.

Regions Served:
All Asia
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