Project Superintendent

Posted By: John Nixon Installer,

Position Project Superintendent
Date Needed 03-25-2024
Organization Bonsai Design, LLC
City Grand Junction
Country United States
State/Province/Region Colorado
Primary Category
Type of Position
Education Requirements
High School / GED
Salary $26.00 - $32 per hour DOE
How to Apply / Contact

To apply, submit resume, references, and portfolio to:

Description & Details:


The Superintendent is the on-site/operational supervisor at the work site. Working in cooperation with the Project Manager, the Superintendent oversees the work crews, ensures for safety and compliance and participates in installation planning and construction at the designated work site.


  • Comply with and facilitate all Bonsai Policies and Procedures
  • Oversee health and safety of crews and work site with appropriate protocols and operational practices
  • Design review, documentation, & provide feedback of field fit elements.
  • Develop, manage, and deliver plans, maps, drawings, and install criteria to crew.
  • Ensure quality assurance of all aspects of installation.
  • Liaise with training/operations department, for programmatic design considerations.
  • Forecast and communicate staffing needs to Project Manager.
  • Manage the installation crew on a daily basis; to install challenge courses, zip line tours, & other.
  • Provide appropriate supervision and support of employees
  • Conduct inspection & maintenance projects, as needed.
  • Perform carpentry & rigging tasks as needed.
  • Work with Project Manager & Logistics to forecast material and equipment needs.
  • Ensure the construction processes are in compliance with Bonsai Design and industry standards.
  • Work with staff members to regularly update their personal ACCT, OSHA, & Bonsai Experience Portfolios.
  • Other Bonsai duties as required


  • The Superintendent is required to be able to physically work in all aspects of each worksite for a significant amount of time.
  • Have the skills to meet all standards and regulations in each area of the work site
  • Have the skills to attend to all operational and supervisory needs of each work site and crew
  • Have the skills to operate the computer and database systems
  • Have a positive attitude, clear communication and professional while supervising individuals and the larger team as well as create positive working relationship with clients
  • Be willing to work and live with the team on a daily basis.


  • Construction project management experience
  • Experience with high-angle work and/or rescues
  • Knowledge of ACCT, ASTM, OSHA, UBC, IBC and other standards
  • Familiar with industry standards and common practices
  • CPR, AED, and First Aid or higher medical certification
  • Previous experience in one of the following areas is recommended:
    • Business management
    • Carpentry, rigging, or welding experience


  • Superintendents are paid a competitive industry wage ranging $26 -$32/hr. (DOE), working approximately 40 hours regular time and 10 hours overtime per week on project sites.
  • Travel to and from the job, meals ($55/day meal per diem) and housing are paid for by Bonsai when employee is away from home.