Project Adventure, Inc. - Reflection Tools & Techniques

Tuesday, March 14, 2023
to Wednesday, March 15, 2023
Project Adventure: Beverly, MA
Category: Practitioner Training - Other / Multilevel

Reflection is a critical component of an effective adventure program. In Project Adventure’s Reflection Tools & Techniques workshop, participants will experience a variety of reflection methods, tools, and explore ways to use the reflective process effectively and efficiently to promote social and emotional learning outcomes for students. Participants will: Apply the Experiential Learning Cycle and the Adventure Wave Model to strengthen facilitation skills and improve the reflection process; Implement specific processing skills and techniques to promote social and emotional competencies for students; Experience a variety of active and engaging reflection methods; Demonstrate the use of various props, games, and materials that can enhance the reflective process. This workshop was formerly titled Debriefing Tools and Debriefing Tools for PE. Participants who already earned graduate credits for either of those two workshops can’t also earn credits for this workshop.

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