Project Adventure, Inc. - Adventure Program Management

This workshop is pre-requisite for PA’s CCM exam

Recurring Event
Last Date: Monday, March 6, 2023
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM (MST)
Category: Practitioner Training - Course Manager

Project Adventure’s Online Adventure Program Management workshop will utilize Zoom and Google Classroom to bring the content to participants. This online workshop will blend reading, lecture, discussion and exploratory example documents and tools. Participants will have access to workshop materials and, during synchronous sessions, practice applying their learning to real-life scenarios and their professional setting. During synchronous settings, participants learn from each other and from seasoned professionals in the field through group discussion, application of learning, problem-solving, and action planning. This workshop is more content-focused than activity-focused. It is an advanced workshop designed to expand the knowledge of the individuals responsible for managing adventure programs and/or challenge courses. This is an opportunity to gain critical skills to efficiently manage the logistics, safety, and risk involved in operating an adventure program of any size or shape. Whether you are just beginning your management career, or are a seasoned veteran, this workshop will give you an in-depth look at risk management.  Participants will:  Learn safety and risk management information and tools, such as medical screening and Emergency Action Plans; Be introduced to accident and incident analysis and documentation; Learn how to utilize Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Local Operating Procedures (LOPs); Discuss staff hiring, training, and retention ideas; Discover how intentional program design plays a key role in program and risk management; Explore ways to gain support for your program; Be able to have a positive impact on the caliber of your program and staff.

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