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2018 ACCT Awards


NOW OPEN: ACCT Award Nominations

The Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT)

5th Annual Awards Program




Melissa Webb 

Events Manager
800-991-0286 x 4

Boulder, CO – Association for Challenge Course Technology has announced it is now taking nominations/applications for the 5th Annual Awards Program.  Challenge Courses, Aerial Parks, and Zipline/Canopy Tour builders, owner/operators, and others are invited to apply to be selected as winners in 5 categories:


1 - All submissions will be reviewed by a common jury connected to the Challenge Course/Zip Line industry.


2 - Submissions may be evaluated on creativity, design excellence, and for innovation beyond the current industry offerings. Structure design will be judged on more than just size and scale.


3 - Each submission is judged on its own merits - not in competition with others; therefore the jury may or may not pick a winning entry in each and every category.


4 - The jury reserves the right to make an award to an alternate category outside of the category noted at time of submission.


5 - Submissions that do not adhere to the presentation and digital format requirements will not be considered.


6 – All judging will be done based on the digital submission only (including any included links).


7- You can submit multiple projects to a category but will need then fill out the form multiple times. For example, an organization could submit 3 different videos to win Outstanding Marketing/Promotional Video award but would have to fill out the form 3 separate times. (Note, the fee payments can be combined into one single payment amount)




1 - Any works submitted for consideration must have been completed and operational between: January 1, 2017 and December 31st, 2017.


2 - Built structures shall meet ANSI/ACCT 03-2016 Standards as appropriate.




Submissions Due: 11:59PM Eastern Time, Sunday January 7th 2018


Winners will be announced at ACCT 28th Annual International ACCT Conference and Expo February 1-4, 2018 at the Fort Worth Texas USA Convention Center. 


Entry Fees (non-refundable):  $95 per entry


(Note: If paying for multiple entries, you can combine the amount due in to one single payment)


1 - Outstanding Structure Design


This Award focuses on physical/built structures. Generally Low or High Challenge Course elements - either singular element structures or the entire course or Aerial Park/Zipline Canopy Tour elements – either singular element structures or the entire course in general.   Structure Design will be evaluated on creativity, design excellence, and for innovation beyond the current industry offerings. Structure design will be judged on more than just size and scale.


2 - Outstanding Marketing/Promotional Video


This Award focuses on video material. While this category certainly includes commercials for courses/programs, it may also include general promotional or informational videos from builders or owner/operators. This wide-open category is ripe for creative use of video to further a business, program, or the industry in general. 



3 - Outstanding Marketing Collateral (non-video)


This Award focuses on the marketing collateral of builders/programs in non-video format. This could include brochures, rack cards, radio spots, billboards, signage etc…Any type of non-video physical material would go in this category. 


4 - Outstanding Fund Raising Campaign


This Award focuses on campaigns using Challenge Courses, Aerial Parks, and Zipline/Canopy Tours to raise funds for a good cause.  This could include such events as "zip-a-thon" or other similar events.  The industry has considerable creativity in organizing great fund raising events and this award is a way to honor those achievements. 


5 - Outstanding Special Event 


This Award focuses on Special Events held at a Challenge Courses, Aerial Parks, and Zipline/Canopy Tour site.  The focus of special events is to increase usage of the course and bring in more business.   An example in this category may be as simple as a Halloween costume day.  Additionally, this could include a Special Event that takes place away from the organizations normal operating site. 


6 - Outstanding Website


This Award focuses on the website design of a company or program related to the Challenge Courses, Aerial Parks, and/or Zipline/Canopy Tour industry. While visual impact and design features are certainly important, judging will also take into account ease of navigation for a customer/user, the ability of the site to convey information (content), well designed integration of video, photos, reservations, or other connected content. Finally the overall experience; sites are frequently more or less than the sum of their parts, the overall experience encompasses content, visual design, functionality, interactivity, and structure and navigation, but it also includes the intangibles that make one stay or leave the site beyond a mere transactional need.  A link to the website should be included in the "Description of Project" section below. 


7- Outstanding Program Impact Award


This Award focuses on the positive impact your program has made on a specific customer.  This could be an individual person, a small group, or even a larger repeat group that visits your course regularly. No matter who it is, we are looking for a program that has made a notable positive impact for the customer.  This is more than a mere great customer service experience, this award focuses on impacts such as helping a therapeutic customer have  a major breakthrough, or perhaps customers with special needs be able to achieve access they once thought impossible. No matter what it is, tell the story of your program and how it had a positive impact!


Companies, Programs, Organization, Universities, Camps, and Firms may submit as many projects as they would like. However, a new form must be used for each submission.  $95 fee per submission.

A panel of judges connected to the Challenge Course/Aerial Park/Zipline Canopy Tour industry will review digitally submitted entries.

Winners Will be announced at the ACCT 28th Annual International Conference and Expo February 1-4, 2018 at the Fort Worth Texas USA Convention Center. 

 For more information about visit

About ACCT

The Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) is the world’s leading and largest American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Accredited Standards Developer focused on the challenge course and aerial adventure course industries.  ACCT is comprised of more than 2600 members worldwide (including the United States, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, Canada, Japan, Korea and Central America) and represents hundreds of organizations with challenge course, zip line, canopy tour, and aerial adventure course interests.

ACCT promotes the use of Challenge Courses and Canopy / Zip Line Tours and sets minimum standards for performance, maintenance installation, operation, inspection and practitioner certification.  For more information on ACCT’s Annual International Challenge Course Conference and Exposition call 800-991-0286 x 4 or contact


Please fill out the application form here.

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