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ANSI Accredited Standards Developer

Association of Challenge Course Technology

(ACCT) Consensus Group Meetings


The ACCT Consensus Group will meet via conference calls for the purposes of:


  • Processing comments from the  public comment period ending March 27th, 2018 for BSR/ACCT 03-201X  


Location:         ACCT Operations Conference Line

Meeting Dates:  May 9th and June 13th, 2018

Time:                2 pm – 3:30 pm EST


These meetings are open to the public. Persons wishing to attend this meeting are required to pre-register through the ACCT Office by calling 303.827.2432




Information about ACCT as an Accredited Standards Developer with the American National Standards Institute

Important Documents Regarding American National Standards

ANSIt has come to ACCT’s attention that misleading and confusing information is being disseminated regarding standards within the challenge course and canopy/zip line tour industry.  This information is not only misleading but is now causing confusion within the industry.

To help provide you with truthful and accurate information ACCT has asked its ANSI Consultant, Dan Bart, to answer some questions in Q and A format as an aid to our members and others.

Dan Bart is an Attorney, was in charge of the standards activities of the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) for over 13 years, an ANSI-accredited Standards Development Organization (SDO) since January 30, 1992.  While Dan was there, TIA was the fourth largest ANSI Standards Developer (ASD) measured by the number of published American National Standards (ANSs).

Dan has not only supervised staff which served on the ANSI Executive Standards Council (ExSC), he has been on the ANSI Board since 1994, has held various leadership positions at ANSI, was an ANSI Auditor, and currently serves on the ANSI Appeals Board.


Additional Information about ACCT as Accredited Standards Developer with the American National Standards Institute

Founded in 1993, The Association for Challenge Course Technology, (ACCT) is the world’s leading and largest American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Accredited Standards Developer focused specifically and solely on the challenge course industry (including Aerial/Adventure Parks, Zip Lines, Canopy Tours, Team Challenge Courses and Climbing Structures).  ACCT was responsible for the development of the first industry standards, published in 1994. In 2006, ACCT became an ANSI Accredited Standards Developer and has maintained that status.  This designation indicates that ACCT has an accredited standards development process that is open, fair and allows for equal representation of material affected parties.


ACCT Consensus Group

Membership on the Consensus Group is open to all interested parties having a direct and material interest in the activities of the Consensus Group and shall be sufficiently diverse to ensure reasonable balance without dominance by any single interest group.

The ACCT Consensus Group is primarily responsible for:

  • Reviewing standards proposed by the ACCT Standards Writing Committees and making any changes to the proposed standards.
  • Voting on approval of American National Standards within its scope
  • Complying with policy and procedures for interpretations of the standards developed by the Consensus Group.
  • Responding to requests for interpretations of the standard(s) developed by the Consensus Group.


Additional Information About ACCT

ACCT standards have appeared in most, if not all, court cases around the globe involving challenge courses and canopy zip line tours.  ACCT remains committed to be the main reference point for standards in this industry, as stated by insurance companies, regulatory bodies, and other knowledgeable persons.




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