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ACCT Program Accreditation

An ACCT Accredited Program is a company which has successfully completed the Program Accreditation Application, including the Accreditation, process. The process includes a review by qualified parties which determines an applicant’s adherence to ACCT Program Accreditation Policies and Procedures and its good faith commitment to ACCT Standards. Successful completion of this process distinguishes an Accredited Program from other challenge course program and operation, identifying the Accreditor Program as having been found to be highly experienced and competent.


On February 5, 2017 the ACCT Board approved an accreditation policy that defines the purpose, policies and procedures for ACCT accreditation  programs.



ACCT develops and administers Accreditation Programs for ACCT Member Organizations recognizing qualifications in defined areas. 



To verify and recognize organizations that demonstrate qualifications and compliance with accreditation program requirements and standards to offer a particular service.


ACCT Accreditation Programs should benefit the industry by:

Elevating professionalism.

Establishing minimum benchmarks.

Maintaining a list of accredited organizations.

Promoting increased industry involvement and knowledge sharing.

Promoting continued organizational development.

Recognize the commitment of accredited organizations toward industry excellence.


On March 27 & 28, 2017 the Accreditation & Certification committee, the Board liaison Sara Bell, and staff members Shawn Tierney and Bill Weaver met in Atlanta to chart the path forward with respect to launching ACCT's program accreditation. A large part of the immediate work ahead will involve updating and revising existing documents that had been created in the past year. This includes:


  • QCP Operation Reviewer
    Includes: Guidelines for the Qualified Course Professional Operation Review
  •  Program Accreditation Manual               
    Includes: Policies and procedures laid out in an easy-to-follow guide
  • Program Accreditation Application      
    Includes: Formatted application to be completed by the Applicant
  • Program Accreditation Application Checklist  
    Includes: Checklist to aid application organization and improve submission/review efficiency
  • Operation Review Report          
    Includes: Form to be completed by Qualified Operational Reviewer and submitted in                         coordination with the application.


Other processes and documents that will need to be developed in the months ahead include:


  • Application process and procedures for qualifying an Operation Reviewer
  •  Client management system to coordinate communication and documentation
  • Accredited member benefits and fees
  • Billing and processing procedures
  • Incident Report and reporting procedures
  • Annual reporting requirements
  • Developing Pilot program to launch August/September through November, 2017. We           currently have 5-6 companies interested in going through a pilot program to test the process, procedures, and to gather feedback from the operators.
  • Vetting the program to internal stakeholders such as PVMs, gathering feedback, etc.


Another immediate task will involve populating a program accreditation panel. Panels are responsible for ensuring compliance with policies and procedures that have been developed for the program, and for recommending any future procedural changes to the accreditation & certification committee. We have received a good number of applications from individuals who expressed an interest in serving on the panel but we will still be accepting applications until the end of April/early May. If you are interested in serving on the panel you can find the volunteer application here.  


 Please click here to read more about the policy. 


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