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ACCT Logo Usage Policy

ACCT Logo Usage Policy

by the ACCT PR & Marketing Committee


The Association’s logo is a trademark and the property of the ACCT.  However, ACCT may grant a license to use the ACCT member logo to specific members that are in good standing.


To use the ACCT logo, Organizational and Professional Vendor Members must receive written consent from ACCT’s Main Office.  Permission may be granted for use on business cards, letterheads, websites, and brochures.


When using the logo on printed material and websites, please consider including the following statements that are appropriate to explain your relationship to ACCT.


Organizational Members

We are an Organizational Member with the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) and our products and services are independent from those offered by the ACCT. We are not an agent of ACCT nor does the ACCT warrant, endorse, or approve any product or service offered by us.


Professional Vendor Members

We are an Accredited Professional Vendor Member (PVM) of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). Our company has undergone an extensive peer review process and has been accredited to provide practitioner certification trainings, course installation, and course inspections. Insert the option(s) that is appropriate for your company.


If permission is granted to use the member logo, the ACCT member logo should be printed using the ACCT member logo received from the ACCT and not a newly rendered logo.  The logo can be used in black and white or grayscale.  The right to use the ACCT member logo shall terminate and be revoked upon the authorized member’s failure to remain in good standing, change in membership level, in the event of misuse by the member as determined by the ACCT, or any other breach of this Policy for Use. Upon such termination and/or revocation, the unauthorized member will remove the ACCT member logo from all materials, products, and services, regardless of whether such materials, products, or services are preprinted or preexisting at that time.


Legal action can be taken against anyone who uses the ACCT member logo in violation of the above policy.   For permission to use the ACCT member logo, please contact the ACCT Business office. 


To apply for the use of the ACCT Organizational Member Logo Click Here.

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